Our team which offers service in translating Ottoman Turkish text in a very thorough and fast way, made translations in many topics. Alongside our translations in the topics like history, literature, geography, philosophy, music (classical and modern), sociology, psychology etc., we have provided support to many researchers with translations of official documents.

Alongside our translations of rare manuscripts, we have translated many text types like şeriye sicili (court orders), tahrir defteri (cadastral record books), ferman (The Sultan’s order), newspapers, journals, pamphlets, travel books and various researches written in many different font types such as press printed texts (matbu), rik’a, divânî, siyâkat and so.

We provide support in translating various texts written in Turkey’s old alphabet which named Ottoman Turkish (Osmanlıca) but used before the Ottoman Empire. In addition to this, we offer service in reading texts written in our old alphabet which used in various countries after 1928.